Monitoring and Evaluation System for Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Uganda


Impiger helped Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Uganda to enable the production of timely and quality data and reports on the oil and gas sub-sector to enhance decision making in planning, implementation and resource allocation for the sector.

The solution helps in tracking sets of indicators measuring the impact, outcomes and outputs of the oil and gas sub-sector. In addition, the system contains a set of indicators measuring the output and outcome of country-specific efforts in Oil and Gas sub-sector.

Ministry of Energy
Background of the project

In 2008, the government of Uganda (GoU) developed a National Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda (NOGP), whose goal is to use the country’s oil and gas resources to contribute to early achievement of poverty eradication and create lasting value to society. 
As part of its implementation, an institutional frame work was developed to facilitate the promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the development and production of oil and gas resources. 

Previously there were no centralized data collection, analytical & monitoring tool to capture and view quality data and spells out the results process along the various stages of the value chain for the national oil and gas sector.

Solution overview

The Solution has below modules

  • Data collection tool for the oil and gas sub-sector. - The tool is based on the resource feasibility of information needs, indicators and methods and developed on formats for data collection and synthesis
  • In-built quality control mechanism within the M&E database system- This involves providing methods/approaches to be used by respective stakeholder groups for decision making purpose. 
  • Dashboard – for providing a meaningful insights on the consolidated data

The solution provided a valuable insights for the decision maker to draft the policy related to Oil and Gas Sub-sector.

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