Complaint Management App: Make Infuriated Customers Realize They're Being Heard!

Anand Kannan

Be it a products/services company, managing customer complaints every day is challenging. Nevertheless, dealing with infuriated customers and handling customer complaints seamlessly is critical for business success.

Well, of course, your business may be utilizing the best tools like emails, social media and web pages, spreadsheets for dealing with customer complaints, yet oftentimes most complaints are unheard due to poor issue submission mechanism and strategy.

Top challenges your customer support officer may face when using spreadsheets for complaint management are:

  • searching for complaints captured in emails or other directories
  • one or more support officers attending to same complaint
  • delayed complaint data filing, retrieval and fixes
  • too much time spent on managing issues raised by customers

As a result of poor customer complaint management strategy, your business may end up with:

  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Brand and reputation damage

This could leave your business high and dry.
As a business/technical head, considering these business roadblocks impeding your customer and business growth is recommended for improving customer retention. Traditional techniques are no longer worth the money and adopting mobile app solution is a wise move to address and attend to customer complaints.

Why mobile app solution for effective user complaint management?
Customer complaint management is a complex process. Automating and streamlining the complete process is the efficient technique to resolve the customer queries on-time without any hardship. And, utilizing mobile app solution for this process is the best fit to impress your customers with timely issue tracking and resolves.

Top benefits of using mobile app solution for customer complaints.
Customer benefits:

  • Simple and effortless push notification for effective complaint submission
  • Raise tickets instantly
  • Automatic complaint ticket generation
  • Complaint progress tracking and notifications


Support ticket handling team benefits:


  • Capturing and retrieving complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Transparency to issue handling for avoiding one/more employees attending to same complaint
  • Notify customers the complaint is assigned to one of your service engineer
  • Notify customers instantly when the issue is resolved


Organization benefits:


  • Reduction in operation cost
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • Enhanced customer branding, reputation
  • Elevated customer experience
  • Increased sales, profits

So, many organizations have started studying the customer complaints seriously as digging deep into the grievances can help their business grow better.

By now you'd have developed valuable insights on developing a mobile app for your complaint management process. Don't know how to get started? We have already helped a global leader in medical device manufacturer across multiple locations with a clinical complaint management solution.

Want to know how our solution helped the company improve customer service and retention? Talk to our experts.