Service Management Apps Influencing Business Operations

Shefali Mathur

Service management apps are the automated versions of the conventional customer care and can easily improve the company's user engagement parameter.

What are the issues that organizations face?

Service provision and customer servicing are two very important elements that can either make or break the business operations. Several large companies with numerous service representatives face the issue of undivided attention.

Larger the product, larger the number of consumers with complaints and queries which if remain unresolved can be disastrous for a company’s reputation. It is the responsibility of the customer support team to ensure that all the complaints are attended to and proactively resolved in the shortest turnaround time. Moreover, the stakeholders providing the services are also dispersed at multiple locations and hence, don’t have access to complaints raised on a real-time basis to solve it fast.

There is also no way for the head of customer support to have a consolidated view of all the service requests and their status now. Combined, this can lead to a serious lapse in customer experience which can hamper the company’s name.


The Solution

In order to bring in order and streamline the process, there is an imperative need to introduce a mobile workflow that can simply capture a picture or record a video and raise a support request in real time.



  • The tasks are assigned to the service engineers who are assessed on the basis of their skill set, availability and the location of the nearest rep attached to the sets of customers.

  • The reps are assigned the complaints in the form of a mobile push alert message and are now aware of the history of the complaint, capable of accessing the repository to find innovative ways of resolving the problem at hand.

  •  The reps can identify the problems, request for spare parts and raise invoices on behalf of the customer after the customer approves of the same through a mobile workflow.

  • The reps will also be able to see the stock availability of the spare parts and will inform the customer and also indent for the delivery.




What are the Benefits?

The mobile workflow application is designed to help the customer support team accomplish a real-time indication of the types of problems raised by multiple customers at multiple sources.



  • Thanks to the central repository, they can now easily allow tasks to the right people at the right time and track the complaints to completion at the shortest possible time, without any ambiguity.

  •  The reps too will be reinforced with quick access to the task allotted to them and can view similar complaints in the past to be able to increase their knowledge repository. This way, they will be able to solve complaints much faster than they would amidst the previous processes.

  • The customer is now able to reduce the TAT from around 3 days to less than 1 day based on this mobile workflow.


 By congregating the entire service panorama under one umbrella, the Service Management App plays a very instrumental role in establishing transparency and clear communication that can work wonders for organizations looking to increase their customer engagement & experience and also a synchronized workforce.