Enhancing a Major Manufacturer’s Performance, and Scalability Using SharePoint


Impiger Technologies helped a defense and security enabler in the Middle East enhance employee engagement via communication and sharing of information with the help of an all-inclusive intranet platform.

The Need Statement

The client was looking for a centralized system with high usability and design to help employees navigate across company data and also collaborate with each other to improve overall user experience and productivity. They also wanted this solution to be compliant with the existing third-party systems.

The Solution

Impiger helped the client by developing a new SharePoint portal comprising of communication and social features as well as facilitating management of documents that made remote collaboration easier for different teams working on different projects. After the successful deployment of the new features and third-party integrations, Impiger team also helped with the migration process from SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2019. As a result, employees were empowered with a one-stop-solution for all company related activities.

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Employee Engagement
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