Our Brand New Look And Logo

Dileepan Selvaraj

We are excited to announce the launch of our revamped website and a brand new logo as a part of our rebranding initiative.

The anthropomorphic humanoid in our logo represents constant progress with aid of technology. We moved away from our warm, youthful orange and indigo blue to a traditional white and deep-ocean blue as the choice of colors for our new logo. White characterizes purity and perfection while the blue symbolizes wisdom and loyalty.

Impiger, a Latin word that translates to 'diligent' perfectly defines our work ethic. Established in 2004, Impiger was founded to be a one-stop technology provider to address the needs of the Telecom industry and other innovative organizations that helped India become an IT powerhouse.

As our journey continued through the past decade, we added Mobile, Cloud, and Microsoft technologies as a part of our offerings. As we stand today, our solutions add value to multiple start-ups, SMEs and Fortune 50 enterprises in US, UK, Australia, UAE, Uganda, and India.

We have grown over a 100% over the course of the previous year and a half because of our expanding client list in the Middle East and Africa. To carry the momentum forward, we recently opened a new 16, 400-sq.ft office space to foster more growth and deliver excellence in the coming years.

Going forward, Impiger is determined to be a thought leader in contemporary solutions with a keen eye on emerging technologies that will shape the future. As with our logo, we will continue to push avant-garde ideas and deliver valuable solutions to our customers through integrity, knowledge, quality, and fairness.